Are you thinking to buy a new or used jon boat in Pennsylvania?

Discover jon boats for sale in Pennsylvania. New and used jon boats for sale.

Are you looking for jon boats for sale in Pennsylvania?

It is a great time to look for jon boats in Pennsylvania. is a recently developed website that features new and used jon boats. This is just one option of many when starting your jon boat search. We will look at the different advantages and disadvantages of the different options. Deciding whether new or used is right for you should also have some consideration. A new purchase has a unique set of qualities however used purchases can also perfectly meet your needs. We will also delve into the great state of Pennsylvania and all the wonderful options for recreation and making use of a jon boat.


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Purchasing new or used?

Pennsylvania has many major cities with boat dealers offering new or used options. Pittsburg and Hawley City are just a few examples of locations. If you are unsure if purchasing new or used is right for you, we will go into the pros and cons of each. Purchasing new can be a great option. You will have a lot of choices in the specifics of your jon boat, being able to tailor it to whatever you are wanting to use it for. A new purchase will generally have manufacture warranties and guarantees you would not have with a used boat. Jon boats are cost-effective all around, however, a new purchase will more than likely be more than its used counterparts. A brand new jon boat could be right for you.

Purchasing a used jon boat is also a practical option as a used price will often be the lowest you will find. Listings of used jon boats will vary in quantity and be dependent on your location or how far you are willing to travel. It may take time to find exactly what you what. Used purchases deal a lot with private sellers. A private sale will usually not come with any guarantees and be difficult to know the exact history and maintenance upkeep of the boat. There are some concerns to take into account when considering a used purchase, however, with the right tools, you can make a great purchase.

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Where to buy jon boat in Pennsylvania?


A fan of jon boats themselves, they are looking to help the needs of others in their search. Devoted specifically to jon boats, you will not have to spend time sifting through items you do not want. As a newer website, the listings are concise and to the point. No irrelevant postings to sidetrack you.


A well-known website that has been established for a long time. Offers selling, buying, and a variety of other services. Boat overload. A massive amount of listings to sift through, especially if you are new to boating. 

3. Dealer or Manufacturer websites

For example or Great if you are brand specific. Limits the options you will have. Locations will vary drastically. You may not have a dealer location nearby.

4. Craigslist

The site, in general, has lost popularity over the years. Meaning fewer listings overall. Could be a good local option, especially in a location like Pennsylvania where boating is popular. Possibility of dishonest personal sellers, with few safeguards to a purchase offered.

5. Facebook Marketplace

Similar to Craigslist, but with greater popularity in recent years. There are pros and cons to private and personal sales. You could find a great deal however, there are not as many safeguards you may find from a dealer or corporate sale.

6. Local Dealers

A quick internet search with your location can find local dealers in the area. Can be a great option for new and used jon boats. A personal and professional setting.

buy jon boats in pennsylvania

Why buy a jon boat in Pennsylvania?

Why should you buy a jon boat in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is an excellent state for fishing with over 85,000 miles of freshwater to explore! A border with Great Lake Erie makes an interesting opportunity. Presque Isle Bay is a natural bay on the coast of Lake Erie. Fishing and boating are favored activities here, but there is much more to do! There is an environmental center to explore, swimming options, and trails to walk at Presque Isle Bay. If you are near the Pittsburg area then Slippery Rock Creek is a close choice. Sections of this river are considered whitewater boating and should be explored only by an experienced person. 

Fishing is permitted anywhere on the creek except for near dams. Trout and bass are likely caught and are also stocked throughout the year. If you want to get into some tournament fishing the American Bass Anglers Pennsylvania division is a great organization. Competing and exploring new locations is part of the fun when you join a tournament division. If you are looking for a new experience Lake Wallenpaupack offers boat tours, rentals, and charter boats. Located in Hawley, Pennsylvania it is a central location in the state. There are many attractions and lodging available for one great adventure. Pennsylvania is full of fishing and boating opportunities.

Taking the next step

The jon boat could be a great fit for you. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages discussed. Consider if a new or used purchase is right for you. Also, the pros and cons of different avenues to making that purchase. There are some featured jon boats in Pennsylvania to consider above.