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Are you looking for jon boats for sale in Minnesota? should be the first stop if you are considering buying a Jon boat in the Minnesota area. Jon boats are an interesting niche of boats and have a lot of great qualities. If you are unsure whether new or used is the right option for you, there will be some considerations listed below. There will also be websites to consider in your new or used Jon boat purchase.

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Is a jon boat right for you?

Jon boats are a simple watercraft choice. They are smaller and are often more cost-effective when compared to other types of boats. If you are a beginner when it comes to boats, a Jon boat could be a great option. However, they are adored by those with decades of experience as well. Jon boats can be easy to transport allowing you a variety of places to travel where larger boats would not be allowed. Certain bodies of water have restrictions on size and engine power. Jon boats’ smaller size allows them to go into narrower places that would be unavailable to larger boats. If any of these traits sound like a good fit to you, it may be time to consider whether a new or used purchase is right. Each option, new or used, has unique benefits and some disadvantages.

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Purchasing new

A brand new large purchase can be a daunting thing. Jon boats in general are often an economical decision so at least considering new is worthwhile. If you have a list of things you would like to be included on your Jon boat, buying new can offer you all those specific customization options. New purchases often come with warranties and insurances, in case of any problems that might come up through no fault of your own. If some of these fit your needs now the question is where to find a new Jon boat? Here are some options:


An all-new website. Made by fans of Jon boats to cater to other fans. Curated listings. No excessive posts for unneeded bulk.


Well known and used by many. A wide variety of options, not specific to Jon boats though. Overwhelming if not sure of the exact specifications.

3. Dealer or Brand Websites

A great option if you are brand loyal. Dealers often deal locally, location will vary drastically as to where they are. Can be priced at a premium due to location or brand options.

Purchasing used

Purchasing a used Jon boat is also a viable option. Used can be even more cost-effective due to condition or need to make a timely sale. Often used is associated with private sales, this can depend on location and where you are looking. Used sales can have some drawbacks. Not knowing the history or maintenance of a Jon boat can be an issue. Unfortunately, there are usually not many guarantees when buying used. However, this should not deter you from the possibility of a great deal that can fit your needs perfectly. Here are some websites and other options when considering used options.


Also offers used options. As mentioned before, concise listings are brought to you by those who know Jon boats.

2. Private Trade Websites

Classified sites such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Dealing with individuals often selling their Jon boats. Listings can vary, from a few options to many depending on varied factors.

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Why buy a jon boat in Minnesota?

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes! There is no shortage of options when trying to decide on your next Jon boat adventure. Mille Lacs Lake is the second largest lake in Minnesota. It is approximately 75 miles from Minneapolis. If you are interested in walleye fishing this would be a great place to visit. The Classic Bass Champions Tour makes a stop in Minnesota. Anglers will compete on the Mississippi river starting at Ike’s Park in Wabasha, Minnesota. There are a lot of great fishing opportunities in Minnesota.

The climate of Minnesota can vary greatly throughout the year. Warm summers are a great time to get on the water. However, there are still activities to participate in when the temperature drops and the winter months come. Ice fishing is popular and there are many tournaments throughout the state. The town of Alexandria in Douglas county hosts the Lake Oscar Ice Fishing Tournament. The state also shares a border with Lake Superior, one of the Great Lakes, which does not always freeze but when it does it makes a great chance at ice fishing somewhere new. Jon boats are a great option when exploring the many waterways that Minnesota has to offer.

What is your decision?

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a Jon boat in Minnesota. Will you be purchasing new or used? Buying new has some appealing qualities, but buying used can also perfectly suit your Jon boat needs. Which route is right for you? The options and websites to purchase a Jon boat are plenty, and hopefully, with these insights, you can make an informed decision on what tools to use. Here are some featured Jon boats for sale in Minnesota that can get you started.