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Are you looking for jon boats for sale in New York? is an up-and-coming jon boat classifieds website that makes a wonderful start to your search. Jon boats are a great bet if you want to get out on the water. The flat bottoms of jon boats promote stability in the water. Jon boats make a wonderful beginner boat, but many become such fans it is the only type they are interested in. Those boats can be a great choice for anyone interested in fishing, hunting, boating, or ease of exploring the water. You can experience the value of the jon boat whether you are considering a brand new model or a used one. If you are unsure whether new or used is the right option for you, there will be some considerations listed below.


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You’re ready to buy a jon boat, now what?

Are you interested in a new or used jon boat? Or unsure of the potential advantages and disadvantages of each? Purchasing new will often come with warranties and guarantees that will be limited if you are purchasing used. If you are considering a new jon boat, that choice can come with a host of great benefits. You may also have the option of customization and choosing exactly what you what in your new jon boat. The biggest deterrent to thinking about a new purchase is often the cost. On the other hand, a used jon boat is also a practical option. Used jon boats are often cost-effective. There are potential drawbacks, such as not getting a lot of options and also being unaware of the history of the boat. Some used sales are as-is and do not offer a lot of warranties or safeguards if there is a problem. Depending on your specific needs there are a variety of resources to help your jon boat purchasing needs.

The internet has no shortage of places to begin your search. The following list is an overview of some of those options. While weighing the pros and cons of new or used purchases, there are also pros and cons to where your search begins.

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Where to buy jon boat in New York?


A fan of jon boats themselves, they are looking to help the needs of others in their search. Devoted specifically to jon boats, you will not have to spend time sifting through items you do not want. As a newer website, the listings are concise and to the point. No irrelevant postings to sidetrack you.


A well-known website that has been established for a long time. Offers selling, buying, and a variety of other services. Boat overload. A massive amount of listings to sift through, especially if you are new to boating. 

3. Dealer or Manufacturer websites

For example or Great if you are brand specific. Limits the options you will have. Locations will vary drastically. You may not have a dealer location nearby.

4. Craigslist

The site, in general, has lost popularity over the years. Meaning fewer listings overall. Could be a good local option, especially in a location like New York where boating is popular. Possibility of dishonest personal sellers, with few safeguards to a purchase offered.

5. Facebook Marketplace

Similar to Craigslist, but with greater popularity in recent years. There are pros and cons to private and personal sales. You could find a great deal however, there are not as many safeguards you may find from a dealer or corporate sale.

6. Local Dealers

A quick internet search with your location can find local dealers in the area. Can be a great option for new and used jon boats. A personal and professional setting.

buy jon boats in new york

Why buy a jon boat in New York?

Why should you buy a jon boat in New York?

New York borders many large bodies of water. The borders in the west are two great lakes, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. In the east, there is a small portion of New York by the Atlantic ocean. There is also a wealth of inland water spots. Lake Champlain in northeastern New York is a very popular destination. Many tournaments take place here including the American Bass Anglers Open Series and the Summer Classic. On the border of New York and Vermont in Plattsburgh, it is conveniently located about 2 hours from Albany, New York. 

Cayuga Lake offers a great fishing variety dependent on the season. April and May are when you can find salmon, trout, and pike. Wintertime ice fishing is also an option and can produce panfish and pickerel. A scenic location that has boating, fishing, trails, and swimming. At over 400 feet deep, this lake offers pike, bass, trout, and many other fish species. This famous finger lake is about an hour’s drive from Syracuse. The eleven finger lakes are all interesting on their own and offer many amenities and recreational opportunities. If you are interested in a different experience then a fishing charter may be an option. Never Enuff Fishing is a charter boat business located in Queens, New York. There are many great fishing and boating opportunities in New York.

Taking the next step

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages discussed. A jon boat could be a great fit for you. Consider if a new or used purchase is right for you. Also, the pros and cons of different avenues to making that purchase. There are some featured jon boats in New York to consider above.