Are you interested in a jon boat in the North Carolina area?

Discover Jon boats for sale in North Carolina. New and used Jon boats for sale.

Are you looking for jon boats for sale in North Carolina?

Now is a great time to look for Jon boats in North Carolina. is a recently developed website that features new and used Jon boats. This is just one option of many when starting your Jon boat search. Websites and other options are plentiful. We will look at the different advantages and disadvantages of the different options. Deciding whether new or used is right for you should also have some consideration. A new purchase has a unique set of qualities however used purchases can also perfectly meet your needs. We will also delve into the great state of North Carolina and all the wonderful options for recreation and making use of a Jon boat.

A Jon boat is a great option for many different hobbies. Fishing, hunting, or ease of exploring the water might be of interest to you. Jon boats are classified by their flat bottoms, which makes them stable and can also go through shallow waters easier. Whether new or used, it is an overall cost-effective option. Jon boats are often smaller and therefore can be easily transported. These are just some great qualities that Jon boats have.

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Purchasing new or used?

If you are unsure if purchasing new or used is right for you, we will go into the pros and cons of each. North Carolina has many major cities with boat dealers offering new or used options. Raleigh and Morehead City are just a few examples of locations. Purchasing new can be a great option. You will have a lot of choices in the specifics of your Jon boat, being able to tailor it to whatever you are wanting to use it for. A new purchase will generally have manufacture warranties and guarantees you would not have with a used boat. Jon boats are cost-effective all around, however, a new purchase will more than likely be more than its used counterparts. A brand new Jon boat could be right for you.

Purchasing a used Jon boat is also a practical option. A used price will often be the lowest you will find. It may take time to find exactly what you what. Listings of used Jon boats will vary in quantity and be dependent on your location or how far you are willing to travel. Used purchases deal a lot with private sellers. A private sale will usually not come with any guarantees and be difficult to know the exact history and maintenance upkeep of the boat. There are some concerns to take into account when considering a used purchase, however, with the right tools, you can make a great purchase.

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Where to begin looking?

Many websites offer listings of both new and used Jon boats for sale. Some local options or dealers could be available to you. These have many pros and cons as well. Here are some for you to consider.


Created by a fan of Jon boats, perfect for others who enjoy the same. A brand new website that is ready to assist you in a new or used purchase. Listings are to the point, no excessive posts to look through


Has been around for a long time. Offers a variety of listings, services, and options. Can be overwhelming if you do not have exact specifications for what you want


The abundance of listings. New and used options, can also sort by brands. Similar to, in the excess of listings

4. Local Dealers

It will be dependent on location and what you want. A great option for searching offline. Can be inconvenient if you are not close

5. Private Classifieds

Such as Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. Listings are dependent on the location you are searching in. Could find a motivated seller with a great price

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Why buy a jon boat in North Carolina?

Why buy a jon boat in North Carolina?

North Carolina is a great place to explore in a Jon boat. Just north of Charlotte is Lake Norman. It is the largest man-made lake in North Carolina. There is boating, fishing, and many hiking trails if you want a break from the water. The Bassmaster Elite tournament also makes a stop at this location. Jordan Lake near Raleigh is another great area. There are beaches and boating options to explore. North Carolina also shares a border with the ocean. These are just a few of the choices you have to explore after purchasing a Jon boat in North Carolina.

The climate of North Carolina is great for owning a Jon boat. Warm summers are abundant in the state. The winter months are mild and often still have temperatures that are above freezing. Rainy weather in the winter is more likely than any snowfall. The weather is nice for most of the year if you are interested in boating.

Making a decision

A lot has been discussed here. There are several things to consider when purchasing a Jon boat. Can you find a new model within your price range? Would a used purchase suit your needs at a fraction of the cost? The different websites and offline buying options are also something to consider. If you are ready to start right away, there are some featured listings in North Carolina.